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Phyiscal Work

Blue, a handmade zine and risograph posters. It is a love song to the ocean.

Inside 003.jpg
Zine Detail 001.jpg
Zine Detail 005.jpg
Zine Detail 003.jpg
Zine Detail 002.jpg

Hand Sewn Zine

Poster 002.jpg
Poster 001.jpg
Poster 003.jpg

Risograph Posters

Flower Chair, a furniture model/sculpture, walnut wood. 

Flower Chair 04.png
Flower Chair Sketch.png
Flower Chair.png
Flower Chair 02.png
Flower Chair 03.png
Flower Chair 05.png

How Absurd!, a photo series exhibition, b&w darkroom prints

Dark Room Prints and exhibition.HEIC
Dark room print.jpg
Vicki Final 006.jpg
Dark Room Prints and exhibition 004.JPG
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